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What is XMMS-Control?

XMMS-Control is a web-based interface for the XMMS (X MultiMedia System). XMMS is an MP3 player for Linux based systems (it also plays other media formats). XMMS-Control is a graphical interface for the command-line utility XMMS-Shell. Using XMMS-Control, you can control the music playng from an XMMS equipped machine from any PC on the network, including wireless laptops/PDAs!!! Imagine being out in the pool and being able to control the music with an 802.11b based PocketPC using a browser! You can do it with XMMS-Control!

XMMS-Control has an interface for standard PCs (desktops/laptops), as well as a mobile/PDA formatted interface, for smaller screens!!!

In addition, XMMS-Control can itself be controlled via other programs (i.e., custom interfaces) using the XMMS-Control API/Hooks program! You can tie XMMS-Control into a larger system via this method. Let's say you're creating a system for whole-house automation, and you wish to use ONE consistent interface. Well, with the XMMS-Control API/Hooks, you can!!!


What's New With XMMS-Control?

  • 06/06/2004 - XMMS-Control merged into DRACONi Automation
  • I've FINALLY released my new home automation software! DRACONi Automation. I've merged the XMMS-Control functionality into it, as well as done some minor upgrades to the XMMS-Control code. So, this probably means the end of the stand-alone code (not like I've updated it in a long time anyway) for XMMS-Control. It'll still be available, right here. But for more updated stuff, check out DRACONi Automation!!!
  • 01/22/2004 - Jinzora!
  • I've been collaborating with the main guy from the Jinzora project. Jinzora started off as kind of the opposite of XMMS-Control, meaning that MP3s (or whatever) where streamed to the local PC via XMMS or WinAMP and played that way. However, now Jinzora has been modified to be able to be run in multiple modes, including being able to control XMMS just like XMMS-Control. Basically, I think that Jinzora is going to take over where XMMS-Control left off. XMMS-Control is great if all of your music is in playlists, but adding new music is a pain. In Jinzora this is not the case, and it doesn't have a lot of the limitations that XMMS-Control does on filenames and directory names and whatnot. Anyway, have a look at Jinzora!
  • 01/13/2004 - NOXMMS!
  • Long time no speak people! I've been using XMMS-Control for the past year, and have been loving it. Today a buddy told me he got noxmms working with XMMS-Control! noxmms is a version of XMMS that can run from the command-line, WITHOUT THE NEED FOR X! Pretty cool. I put it in my /etc/rc.d/rc.local (as the last line: '/usr/local/bin/noxmms &'), and it creates a /tmp/root_xmms.0 file, so XMMS-Control works fine with it!
  • One hint, when compiling from the .tar.gz, use './configure --prefix=/usr/local', for some reason the configure kept crashing on me if I didn't do that.
  • 12/12/2002 - Problems with newer versions of PHP (register_globals)
  • I've been having problems with a lot of my PHP applications lately when upgrading to newer versions of PHP. It turns out that PHP has made a fundamental change to the way variables are passed between pages. But there is a fix!
  • First, you need to find your php.ini file. This can be in a variety of places depending on your distribution of Linux. For instance, on a stock install of Mandrake 9, it should already work (but php.ini is installed in /etc, FYI). However, if you compile PHP yourself, there is no php.ini file. You have to create one. I placed mine in /usr/local/lib/php.ini, and it seems to work (that machine is loaded with Mandrake 8.0 with a self compiled version of PHP 4.2.3). The file has one line in it:
  • register_globals = On
  • Simply create this file (or edit your existing one), and either restart your webserver, or reboot the machine. Hopefully it now works!
  • 04/17/2002 - New release of XMMS-Control -- Beta0.05
  • Some major bugfixes... should work MUCH BETTER on most platforms that had problems before. If you had problems getting XMMS-Control installed and running, please try this new version! Please read the new installation entries in the manual!!!
  • More detailed installation instructions for getting XMMS-Shell up and running (including V0.99) in the README & manual.
  • Directories are now SORTED alphabetically on the file chooser screen (previously was unsorted).
  • Should handle MP3 lists with file names and ID3 tags containing commas much better now (previously when a comma was encountered, the list was off by one, the name would get split, and the second half would go to the next line).
  • 11/19/2001 - New release of XMMS-Control -- Beta0.04
  • Features new semi-graphic equalizer!
  • Bugfixes...
  • 10/14/2001 - First release of XMMS-Control, and new web page!
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  • Beta0.05 - Many bugfixes, better install instructions: xmms_control-beta0.05.tar.gz.
  • Beta0.04 - New EQ! Bugfixes: xmms_control-beta0.04.tar.gz.
  • Beta0.03 - First public release of XMMS-Control: xmms_control-beta0.03.tar.gz.
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    A manual is included with the XMMS-Control distribution package, but can also be found here, on-line.



    Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments you have about XMMS-Control! joe@joethielen.com