Phantom Computer Controlled Security System
AKA: GNU Phantom.Security

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-11/04/1999 1.00 GNU Phantom.Security is now out of Beta!
Source Package (.tar.gz)
BINARY: Linux [Red Hat 5.2] (.tar.gz)
BINARY: Linux [Red Hat 6.0] (.tar.gz)
RPM: Linux [Red Hat 5.2]
RPM: Linux [Red Hat 6.0]

Parts required for Phantom.Controller (Radio Shack)
Phantom.Controller Diagram (.jpg)
Phantom.Controller Diagram (.pm5)
Phantom.Controller2 Diagram (.jpg)
Phantom.Controller2 Diagram (.pm5)

Phantom is designed to be a completely customizable computer controlled security system. All source code (C++/Bourne script) is included. Phantom was designed & tested on a Linux system, but I assume the C++ portions can be easily ported to other Unix systems (even DOS/Windows, maybe?). The Phantom Security system is for use with intrusion/fire detection equipment such as motion sensors, door magnets, and smoke detectors. However, any Normally Open or Normally Closed device may work with little or no change to the code. All source code and diagrams included are free to use, distribute, and modify!

Phantom.Controller is to be used in a system with non-powered security devices, i.e. door magnets.
Phantom.Controller2 is for systems with powered security devices, i.e. motion sensors & smoke detectors.
Anyone with a basic knowledge of circuit design can mix and match from these two diagrams to mix powered & non-powered devices!

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me.

Phantom is my gift to the free software community. Without them my job would be really difficult.