Here you will find info on Vin Diesel, rumors of upcoming movies and so on. Here you will be in the most wonderful fantasy of all, "Diesel World!" So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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"Rumors Of Upcoming Movies"

Actor Vin Diesel and director Dominic Sena are in negotiations to star in and helm, respectively, Columbia Pictures/Red Wagon Prods.' "Dreadnaught." A fall start date is being planned, after Diesel wraps shooting Universal Pictures' "The Chronicles of Riddick." The project reunites Diesel with the same studio that distributed his last feature, Revolution Studio's "XXX." "Dreadnaught" is described as a David-and-Goliath dual at sea that pits a relentless captain against his commanding officer on the most high-tech warship ever created. Red Wagon Prods.' Lucy Fisher and Doug Wick will produce the project with Sean Bailey and Cooper Layne, who brought the original script to the company. Columbia executive vp Amy Baer is overseeing the project. Blake Masters wrote the original script with a rewrite by Dan Gilroy and David Arata. Stephen Rivele and Christopher Wilkinson wrote the most recent draft. Diesel is repped by Endeavor and the Firm. Sena is repped by ICM. (Zorianna Kit)

I have found some news that I thought I would share on some of his upcoming movies that you may already know about but I have found not the dates but the year they will be released in theaters
XxX2 (2005)
Hanniabl (2004)
Pitch Black 2: The Chronicles Of Riddick (2004)
Now I know that may be a long time before those particular movies come out but I think Vin Diesel is worth waiting for. And yes I do take the time to sit on the internet and find the scoop on Vin Diesel. It is very easy if you use the right words while searching the net.
"Hellboy on Wheels Despite our skepticism, progress seems to be proceeding apace on the Hellboy flick. Director Guillermo del Toro is reportedly working hand-in-hand with creator Mike Mignola, and now the first casting rumors are beginning to surface. Leading off is Vin Diesel, who is apparently keen on the role and ready to sign a deal. We’re not sure whether to believe anything this early in the game, but the idea of Vin with those sawed-off horns on his head sure is nice."

"Update on the movie Hannibal"

LOS ANGELES -- While making the promotional rounds for his extreme sport action picture XXX, actor Vin Diesel took a moment to talk about his next film role, as famed Carthaginian general Hannibal in the film project of the same name.
He’s a character I’ve always wanted to play, and not unlike how Mel Gibson wanted to play the Wallace character in Braveheart,” Diesel enthusiastically explains. “He redefined war strategies. He was for the 3rd century B.C. -- for that whole era -- he was the classic underdog. He was the only guy who thought of attacking Rome. And he did it in a shrewd way.” “I can go on for hours talking about how fascinating he is,” adds Diesel about the legendary general who used elephants to cross the Alps in a bid to bring down the Roman Empire. The red-hot actor will begin shooting the planned epic in the spring of 2003.
Hannibal is based Ross Leckie’s 1996 fictional autobiography that follows Hannibal from his boyhood, to his assaults on Rome, and finally his death on the Greek island of Bithynia. The novel is being adapted for the screen by David (Gladiator) Franzoni. "Hannibal stars Vin Diesel as the Carthaginian general from the third century B.C.. The general, known for his tactical genius, led an elephant army through the Alps into Italy to do battle with the Romans. Diesel will also produce the film with George Zakk." I Have seen that this movie will be released 2003 or 2004. If there is anyone out there that knows more info on this please let me know. I would like to find out more on the movie.
Vin Diesel is going to being making a second xXx movie, it will be released the winter of 2004. I know that it sounds to far away but Vin Diesel movies are worth waiting for. Also xXx will be rolled out sometime this fall.

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